Air Freight
Handles import/export jobs, supports neutral AWB, issues standard documents, tracks sales/costs.
HyprCube is Wireless

With HyprCube, you are connected to your enterprise from anywhere in the world, 24/7, from any device with an internet connection.

No Software / Hardware

Driven by SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) HyprCube requires no software, hardware or additional I.T. Staff.


HyprCube supports unlimited independant and organic offices and branches straight out-of-the-box and under one roof.

Tried & Tested

HyprCube is deployed, tested and accepted by more than a thousand multi-national users in over ten countries.

Our customers include leading freight and project forwarders in over 10 countries
Thomas Liam Harnett
IT Manager

HyprCube has reduced huge volumes of repetitive e-mails and files that clogged our systems...

Joanna Syms
Accounting & Administration Manager

We can see all our activities in one place which saves us a lot of time...

Harm Emaus
Operations Manager

We have been running HyprCube since 2012 and it created more visibility in our general performance and accounting...

Choong Wongpisethkul
Overseas Network & Accounts Manager

CRM lets us manage relationships with all our business contacts - not just customers...

Alvaro Martinez Guzman
Country Manager, Vietnam

HyprCube produces any kind of reports - marketing, sales and financial for further analysis in just 2 clicks...

John Hamilton
Country Manager, Myanmar

Hyprcube has taken our sales and marketing to new levels with regard to reporting visibility; great backup and team work are the key to its ongoing success.

Guido Von Broekhoven
General Manager

HyprCube gives me the flexibility to be at different places while still maintaining control over our operations...

Rolf Bischof
General Manager Freight Forwarding

Hyprcube, very straight forward and user friendly system, with fast and professional online support...

David Grant
General Manager

HyprCube results in less capital investments in IT. We have an IT department much smaller than one would think for a company of our size...

HyprCube comes packed with 4 massive integrated core modules under one roof.

Contact! CRM
(Contact Relationship Manager)

Manage information for customers, vendors, agents and key-contacts. Upload SOPs, profile contacts, log appointments, meetings and more...

(Salesforce Automation)

Create, monitor and quantify sales-leads and sales campaigns. Raise quotations that automatically convert to invoices and more...

(Freight Management System)

Supports air, sea freight, trucking, other/miscellaneous and non-freight jobs. Full job/project management, profitability reports and more...

(Enterprise Accounting)

Job integrated accounting with support for multiple currencies, profit centers and departments. Standard and industry financial reports and more...

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